Big Data Logistics

Big Data Problems in Radio Astronomy

The workshop will take place from 9:30am to 4:00pm on Friday, 3rd February in room MI 328 of the Mellon Institute.  Details below.

Dinner Thursday /Friday Evening

We have made a reservation for 10 at Legume ( at 8:15pm. Plan to arrive there a bit early and we can have drinks. If you have specifically spoken to Richard or Rachel, you are on the list. If you are not sure, and you are interested (all welcome), email Richard ( to confirm. We will make a plan for Friday during the day.


If you decide you need a hotel, some of us are staying at the Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center ( Call the hotel front desk directly, and ask for the CMU rate, which includes cheap parking and free WiFi.

Parking / Access

The closest garage to the Mellon Institute is the Dithridge Street Garage (map:, which is directly behind the Mellon Institute (map: The Mellon Institute takes up a city block but has only one public-access entrance, which is located on Bellefield Ave (all other doors require key-card access). Once inside, you are in the 3rd floor lobby. The Mellon Social Room (MI 328) is on your left.

Meeting Room / Communications

The room will have power strips, projector and three large blackboards. The CMU-GUEST WiFi Access Code will be distributed at the meeting. If there is interest, we may try to stream the discussions, or connect to a Skype call. IF you think this would be helpful, please let Richard or Rachel know.

Lunch / Refreshments

Coffee (9:00am and 2:00pm) and lunch (noon) will be provided at the meeting room. Some vegetarian / vegan options will be available.


Try emailing Richard ( or Rachel ( If you are in a real panic, you can try calling Nichol Merritt at her desk (412-268-1659) or cell (412-260-9682).