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Towards Real-Time Impulsive RFI Mitigation for Radio Telescopes
Real-time RFI excision for the GMRT wideband correlator
RFI mitigation techniques in radio astronomy
Characterizing interference in radio astronomy observations through active and unsupervised learning
Machine learning approach to radio frequency interference (RFI) classification in radio astronomy
A Real-Time, GPU-Based, Non-Imaging Back-End for Radio Telescopes
Radio Frequency Interference Characterization and Detection in L-band Microwave Radiometry
Measurement of duration and signal-to-noise ratio of astronomical transients using a Spectral Kurtosis spectrometer
RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomy: an Overview
Real-time RFI detection and mitigation system for microwave radiometers
Evaluation and comparison of RFI detection algorithms
Comparison of real-time time-frequency RFI mitigation techniques in microwave radiometry
Experimental Study on the Performance of RFI Detection Algorithms in Microwave Radiometry: Toward an Optimum Combined Test
Assessment of back-end RFI mitigation techniques in passive remote sensing
Digital back-end for RFI detection and mitigation in microwave radiometers
Robust estimation of noise standard deviation in presence of signals with unknown distributions and occurrences
Cancelling non-linear processing products due to strong out-of-band interference in radio astronomical arrays
Reference antenna-based subspace tracking for RFI mitigation in radio astronomy
RFI Mitigation for the Parkes Galactic All-Sky Survey (GASS)
RFI mitigation for the Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey (EBHIS)
Statistical performance of reference antenna based spatial RFI mitigation for radio astronomy
RFI spatial processing at nancay observatory: Approaches and experiments
Subspace smearing and interference mitigation with array radio telescopes
Spatial Filtering of RF Interference in Radio Astronomy Using a Reference Antenna Array
Radio Frequency Interference spatial processing for modern radio telescopes
FLAGCAL: a flagging and calibration package for radio interferometric data
Radioastronomisten mittausten h\{\\”a
RFI Monitoring for the MeerKAT Radio Telescope
GALFACTS RFI Excision Methods
Signal processing challenges for radio astronomical arrays
Digital Back End Development and Interference Mitigation Methods for Radio Telescopes with Phased-Array Feeds
Multi-tier interference-cancelling array processing for the ASKAP radio telescope
Near-Field Noise Source Localization in the Presence of Interference
High-Sensitivity Phased Array Receivers for Radio Astronomy
Impact of array calibration on RFI mitigation
A Rao–Blackwellized Particle Filter for Adaptive Beamforming With Strong Interference
Adaptive selective sidelobe canceller beamformer with applications to interference mitigation in radio astronomy
Radio frequency detection and mitigation for LOFAR telescope system
Interference cancellation for radio astronomical images
RFI mitigation in radio astronomy
Multi-linear subspace estimation and projection for efficient RFI excision in SIMO systems
Efficient Semi-Blind Channel Estimators for SIMO Systems Suffering From Broadband RFI
A 3-D spatially-FIR RF frustum digital filter with microwave channelization for FPAs
A review on decade of multi-rate filters
Enhanced pulsar and single pulse detection via automated radio frequency interference detection in multipixel feeds
Block Based Frequency Selective Mitigation of Pulsed Interference in the L-Band
DME Pulse Interference Suppression Based on WRELAX for GPS L5 Signal
DME Interference Mitigation Algorithm Based on Signal Separation Estimation Theory for GPS L5
RFI mitigation at Nanc\{\\c\{
SERPent: Automated reduction and RFI-mitigation software for e-MERLIN
The low-frequency environment of the Murchison Widefield Array: radio-frequency interference analysis and mitigation
The radio environment of the 21 Centimeter Array: RFI detection and mitigation
The statistics of low frequency radio interference at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory
Efficient interference mitigation for corrupted SAR images using Eigen-based Filter
A high performance solar radio observation system in terrible RFI environments for existing telescope
The RFI Mitigation System at WSRT
Design of a testbed for the calibration and RFI mitigation algorithms used in OLFAR
Removing Radio Frequency Interference in the LOFAR using GPUs
FPGA-based emulator for functional verification of radio frequency interference mitigation algorithms
RFI Mitigation with BETA
Robust sidelobe canceller against DOA mismatch
A robust generalized sidelobe canceller via steering vector estimation
RFI Mitigation for Pulsar Observation
Interference cancellation using an array of sensors
The brightness and spatial distributions of terrestrial radio sources
Adaptive Real-Time Imaging Synthesis Telescopes
Real-time beamforming using high-speed FPGAs at the Allen Telescope Array
Design of a testbed for the calibration and RFI mitigation algorithms used in OLFAR
Low-complexity Low-sensitivity Second-order Broadband 3D Beam Notch Filter
On Protection of the Modulation Radiometer Against Pulse Interference by Controlling the Frequency of the Reference Oscillation
Under-decimated 3D FIR space-time cone filters using DFT polyphase filter banks for attenuation of radio frequency interference
RFI mitigation strategies for phased-array SKA concepts
A turn-key Concept for active cancellation of Global Positioning System L3 Signal
Next generation digital backends for the GMRT