The first-ever ERP system on Blockchain!

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We believe that blockchains are the future. SERA has been working around the clock to develop a new generation of ERP. This ERP runs on layer-2 blockchain technology, so it combines all the benefits of a regular ERP with the privacy and security of a public blockchain for free! "Then, what's the catch?" you might ask. The only condition here is to get SERA's token as an investment. By taking this approach, we are partnering with our investors so that they can benefit from the price rise of SERA's token. SERA is a complete digital/blockchain project.

the erp on blockchain

Strengthen Transparency and Auditability

The blockchain facilitates automation of processes and solves trust issues.

Enhance Data Security

The blockchain prevents data leaks and facilitates identity verification and authentication.

Boost Optimization and Speed

Blockchain smart contracts automatically verify transactions when compliant.

Empower Visibility and Traceability

The blockchain provides real-time traceability and easy access to relevant stakeholders.

blockchain: the next internet!

Blockchain in supply chain

Blockchain technology improves transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain. Companies use applications to track materials back to their source, prove authenticity and origin, get ahead of recalls, and accelerate the flow of goods-in nearly every industry.

Blockchain in utilities

The integration of SERA not only keeps your company's devices up-to-date when a transaction takes place, but it also ensures that they are continuously synchronized despite the geographical location of the devices.

Blockchain in HR

Isn't it frustrating how Sluggish HR can be sometimes? The process of selecting a new candidate isn't easy, especially when there are stacks of paperwork to get through. By storing their data through SERA and making use of the magical power of blockchain, the verification process can be more precise and faster.

Blockchain in finance

Using blockchains in the finance industry can streamline and accelerate services and transactions, without compromising security. Due to SERA’s decentralized technology, fraudulent operations are much less likely to happen. In addition, it facilitates the system's ability to identify and authenticate the parties involved in a transaction.

Blockchain in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, blockchain has many applications, especially when it comes to medical records and medicine distribution. As a result, SERA offers a system that is secure and regularly updated to prevent professional misunderstandings.

Blockchain in Retail

Smart contracts simplify inventory tracking and automate consumer payments.



We have always been here to assist companies in achieving their goals, and have done so since the start of our company. In 2021, we released the whitepaper and completed the private sale rounds . In addition, we built our smart contract and established our partnerships. There’s a lot more going on in the BETA version, and our social media will be updated on a regular basis. As of 2022, the staking pool will be fully functional. Meanwhile, our app and educational academy should be in place by then , we will also add IoT and AI modules to our platform, so stay tuned!

  • 2020

    •  Planning and Development Started

  • 2021

    • Whitepaper V1
    • Sera Low Code Platform

  • 2022

    • SERA ERP V1
    • Deployment on Layer 2 Chain
    • Business Pitching

  • 2023

    Go to market, launchpads and exchanges agreements

  • 2024

    • SERA ERP go live , TGE and listing

  • SERA News

    InterFiNetwork as an audit partner!
    InterFiNetwork as an audit partner!

    InterFiNetwork as an audit partner!

    a new partnership is born! ,We're proud to have InterFiNetwork as an audit partner

    SERA participated in Binance Blockchain Week, Dubai 2022

    SERA participated in Binance Blockchain Week, Dubai 2022

    Dubai, March 28–30 (2022) — After welcoming the Binance Blockchain Week (BBW) into the City of Gold, the Emirates have once again made headlines as the